Training Modalities

CHUPAFIT’s fitness model is simple and designed for the body’s lifetime fitness. Our fitness maxims are to perform the basic lifts with correct technique, programmed deloading to ensure muscle recovery, and high-intensity training sessions to optimize muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance.

CHUPAFIT’s training sessions will ensure our clients meet their fitness goals with our world-class programming. CHUPAFIT will offer simple, scalable, and most importantly, individualized plans so our clients can get the most out of their hard work.


CHUPACABRA Strength and Conditioning gym are not just for classes. There are days and times when we just can’t make it to a class or maybe we are feeling like we want to lift alone with our headphones blasting our favorite song. Chupa Open gym is built for those who want full access to all the equipment without having to commit to a class. We have a variety of the best equipment and open gym hours to allow our community to follow individual programs for those lone beasts out there. Even if the schedule states there is a class going at 5 am, there is still open gym space and all of the equipment is readily available. Our open gym hours are from open to close, 5 am-10 pm. Our lone beasts can use our strong man equipment that includes tires, kegs, sleds, stones, sledgehammers, farmer’s carry, with the traditional squat/pull-up rig, climbing ropes, dumbbells, barbells, bumper plates, rowers, runners, Assault bikes and kettlebells.

Anything you need for a great training session, LIFT, THROW, PULL, PUSH, we got you covered!


A 1 hour-trainer-led workout designed to maximize your muscle gain and calorie burn, while pushing you to your next fitness level. CHUPAFIT will use constantly varied movements, intensities, and equipment with programmed rest to keep your body at its highest potential. CHUPAFIT will utilize a wide range of equipment ranging from barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, agility ladder, slam balls, and assault cardio equipment. Every workout is different so that your body will never plateau; utilizing endurance, strength, and power components. Within the small group personal training atmosphere, you will be able to get the personal training attention while having the energy and comradery of a small group setting. CHUPAFIT has a specific class number to ensure that each person is able to receive the time and attention from the trainer to teach and understand the “what” and the “why” behind the form and exercise. Do you want to improve your 3RM and form while also increasing your sprinting and endurance output, agility, and power, then you found the perfect fit for your fitness goals.
Our small group setting, motivated trainers, and energetic atmosphere will release your inner CHUPA beast.

Summer Programs Only


This 1 hour Trainer lead class is designed to ensure you build total-body strength, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance. CHUPA Train class structure begins with a warm-up, then the workout focus, followed by a metcon, ending with a cool down. We will use a variety of strength modalities such as; strongman tools to build raw power output, powerlifting to build strength, Olympic lifting for explosive force, and calisthenics to round off a complete training session within a long-term program.

Included in this program we will also have a speed and stamina module where we will focus on sprinting with some longer interval runs. We will spend time ensuring our bodies are able to move freely through the required ranges of motion with a focus on mobility, stability, and flexibility. CHUPA Train will give attention to muscle imbalances, coordination drills, lifting technique, running form, and muscle elasticity.

Our phased approach to the total-body training, CHUPA Train is designed to bring you to your genetic potential both in the gym and in life. True functional fitness for the lifetime of the Athlete.


Monday – Friday
Ages 6-12

Welcome to Little Monsters Camp! Our program is designed to help your child stay active and engaged with a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Our goal is to not only teach them about sports, but also instill values such as fair and honest team play, good sportsmanship, and the importance of having fun while being active.

During camp, we will provide a snack and water to keep your child energized throughout the day. Please remember to pack a lunch for your child to enjoy during the midday break.

We look forward to helping your child develop their physical skills and build character through sports and play.


Monday- Friday
Ages 12+

Introducing Chupa-Squad, the perfect solution for helping your teen feel comfortable, confident, and capable in the weight room. Our program offers small group personal training sessions led by our top-notch coaches, who will guide your teen through proper form and foundations.

Through our program, your teen will learn about power, strength, endurance, and various techniques that will not only enhance their physical capabilities but also positively impact their mental well-being. Our aim is to help your teen grow in confidence, both inside and outside the gym.

Join Chupa-Squad today and empower your teen to achieve their fitness goals and thrive in a supportive and encouraging community.